RSPA to increase hazmat fines

| 9/10/2003

Beginning Sept. 30, the Research and Special Programs Administration will increase the maximum civil penalty from $27,500 to $32,500 for a knowing violation of federal hazmat laws and regulations.

The minimum penalty has been increased from $250 to $275.

RSPA says it will also go back six calendar years instead of five for prior violations in determining the amount of a penalty.

The agency published a list of revised assessments for frequently cited violations. These include:

  • Failure to register for offering or carrying hazardous materials, $1,000 plus $500 each additional registration fee;
  • Failure to provide initial training to hazmat employees, $250-$700 and up, depending on the number of employees;
  • Failure to provide in-depth security training when a security plan is required, $2,500;
  • Failure to create and maintain training records, $500-$800 and up;
  • Failure to develop a security plan, $6,000 and up;
  • Failure to put security plan in writing, $2,000 and up;
  • Offering a hazardous material for transportation without shipping papers, markings, labels or placards, $15,000 and up;
  • Failure to properly placard a freight container or vehicle containing hazardous materials, $1,000-$9,000;
  • Failure to give immediate notification of a reportable hazardous materials incident, $3,000;
  • Failure to file a written hazmat incident report within 30 days following an unintentional release in transportation, $500-$2,500;
  • Failure to retain shipping papers as required by regulation, $1,000;
  • Transporting hazmat packages that haven’t been secured against movement, $3,000; and
  • Failure to properly segregate hazardous materials, $7,500 and up.