Operation Air Brake effort slated for Sept. 4

| 8/12/2003

On Sept. 4, truck and bus safety enforcement agencies throughout the United States and Canada will conduct 12 hours of roadside inspections targeted on brake safety.

The event is part of Operation Air Brake, a safety campaign that originated in Canada in 1998. It is sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and includes participation from the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and Transport Canada.

Operation Air Brake emphasizes education of the need to improve brake safety; promotes increasing drivers' and motor carriers' knowledge of brake compliance and vehicle brake performance; makes sure all applicable brake inspection requirements are followed; and encourages commercial vehicle brake system inspections throughout North America.

Drivers whose vehicles are inspected will receive literature that provides information about proper brake inspection and maintenance.

Operation Air Brake includes two primary international events each year. The first, having an enforcement emphasis, takes place on an unannounced date in May. The second, having an educational focus, is announced and takes place the first week in September.

During the May 2003 unannounced date, 12,027 commercial vehicles were inspected, resulting in 98,235 brakes checked – 18 percent of which were placed out of service for brake-related defects. This compares with the last announced date in September 2002, when 13,340 commercial vehicles were inspected, resulting in 110,990 brakes checked and a 16.4 percent out-of-service rate.