DOT simplifies drug test reporting rules

| 8/1/2003

The Department of Transportation's Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance is revising the Management Information System forms currently used within five DOT agencies, including the FMCSA, for submission of annual drug and alcohol program data.

DOT is streamlining reporting through use of a one-page MIS data collection form. The new standardized form replaces 21 different forms used by the agencies. The single-page format is designed to make it easier to enter and process data via electronically based systems, DOT said.

As part of the process, DOT removed some data requirements including: the number of persons denied a position following a positive drug test; the number of employees returned to duty following a refusal or positive drug test; supervisor initial drug training data; the number of employees denied a position following an alcohol test of 0.04 or greater; the number of employees returned to duty after engaging in alcohol misuse; the number of employees having both a positive drug test and an alcohol test of 0.04 or greater when both tests were administered at the same time; actions taken for alcohol violations other than alcohol testing; and supervisor initial alcohol training data.

If a DOT agency requires supplemental data, the agency will address those issues separately.

The DOT agencies are: FMCSA, Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Transit Administration, Federal Railroad Administration and Research and Special Programs Administration.