Think twice about wearing your Sunday best .

| 7/30/2003

Another reason to be glad you’re a trucker … turns out that the T-shirts and jeans that are the standard outfit for so many folks behind the wheel are good for your eyes. Or at the very least, they’re better for you than what white-collar workers wear.

According to recent news reports, neckties increase the chance of glaucoma, a disease that can lead to eye damage and even blindness.

According to Reuters news service, in a recent study, wearing a necktie raised eye pressure – a sign of glaucoma – in 60 percent of the men who already have glaucoma and 70 percent of the volunteers who didn’t have the illness. That’s because neckties constrict the jugular vein, and that increases blood pressure and internal eye pressure.

The results were reported recently in the British Journal of Ophthalmology.