Trucking troopers travel Washington highways

| 7/29/2003

Washington State Patrol troopers will begin riding big rigs this month as part of a “Step up and Ride” education and enforcement effort aimed at curbing accidents caused by cars that drive dangerously around trucks.

The program, which started in May this year, came from Washington State Trooper Maureen Crandell, who began riding big rigs after police records showed 76 percent of all fatal accidents last year in Washington where passenger cars and trucks were involved were caused by cars.

In a statement, Washington State Patrol Chief Ronal W. Serpas said, “These accidents are often fatal and usually shut freeways down for hours, costing the states thousands of dollars in lost revenue.”

As part of the program, troopers like Crandell who witness violations such as inappropriate lane changes, driving too close or failing to yield the right of way will call ahead to other troopers who will stop violators and provide either a warning or ticket.

The program will focus on highways throughout Western Washington and Seattle south to Vancouver.