And you think you have too many emission regulations

| 7/24/2003

American truckers face a host of regulations and fees and requirements from their government, and many are related to cutting emissions on their vehicles. Opacity rules, 10/02 engines, low-sulphur diesel and on and on and on – all aimed at cutting back on what some say are environmentally unsound emissions and greenhouses gases.

But the island nation of New Zealand has taken the idea a step further – perhaps too far. The nation is taxing farmers of the gas (the smelly kind) produced by their sheep and cattle, The Associated Press reported recently.

The farmers have responded with what they call the “Raise a Stink” campaign, sending an even smellier byproduct of their livelihood – manure – to lawmakers in the mail, a practice some in the government say is both unsanitary and possibly illegal.

No similar tax yet exists in the United States. Meanwhile, we’re still awaiting word on whether New Zealand will apply the tax on chili night down at the local truckstop.