New Jersey bill would let sheriff's officers stop, weigh trucks

| 7/23/2003

The New Jersey state Senate has passed amendments to S1399 that would allow sheriffs to weigh, measure and inspect commercial vehicles.

The current law relegates weighing and inspections to the State Police. The new bills allows sheriff’s officers to require a truckdriver to take his or her rig to a weigh station or other location to be weighed, but only if the officer has probable cause to think the rig is in violation of state weight limits.

In addition, only an officer certified by the state as a weighmaster can weigh the trucks, and only on scales approved by the State Superintendent of Weights and Measures.

However, the State Patrol retains the right, according to the Legislature’s Web site, to “establish and operate locations for the measurement and weighing of vehicles.”

In addition, the State Police kept the sole authority to conduct random roadside weight checks.

An identical bill – A1702 – is before the full Assembly.