Slower-speed highway bill still alive in California

| 7/21/2003

A bill in California that would create a new class of highway with a pre-set speed limit of 45 mph is still hanging on, despite three committee votes to postpone hearings on the measure.

AB872 is now in the Senate Transportation Committee. The California Assembly passed AB872 by a vote of 77-0 on May 12.

Normally, committee reports on bills are due by July 13, but the committee voted to waive the normal deadline so it could work on the bill past that date.

The bill would place the speed limit on urban, divided and restricted-access arterial highways. The state’s DOT or local authorities could increase the speed limit under the bill if the increase was based on an engineering study showing the speed would be safe.

According to The Los Angeles Times, some examples of the roads that would be covered under the bill include Westlake Boulevard and Lynn Road in Thousand Oaks, CA.