Trucker's $5 thrift store find may be worth millions

| Monday, July 21, 2003

Anyone who’s ever watched the “Antiques Road Show” dreams of picking up an item for a few bucks at a garage sale or a thrift store and finding out it’s worth millions.

For retired truckdriver Teri Horton of Costa Mesa, CA, that dream just came true.

The Associated Press reported July 18 that a painting Horton picked up for $5 roughly 11 years ago may be the work of famed artist Jackson Pollock … and if it is, it’s worth millions.

An expert says the painting has one of Pollock’s fingerprints on it, although other experts have not yet confirmed the artwork’s origin. For herself, Horton described her find in less than flattering terms to The AP, saying it looks like a splattering of paint.

Pollock was a leader of the Abstract Expressionist movement who died in 1956. He studied early in his career under regionalist painter Thomas Hart Benton. The American Museum of Beat Art in California explains that Pollock’s work, like the painting found in California, typically uses a “drip and splash” style, often pouring paint directly from the can.

Despite the discovery of the painting’s possible worth, Horton’s opinion of it has changed only slightly.

"I still think it's ugly," Horton, 70, told AP. "But when I look at it now, I see dollar signs."