Bay area bridge toll measure advances

| 7/21/2003

A measure that would set the conditions for a $1 increase in tolls on state-owned bridges in the San Francisco Bay area has passed both the Senate and its first test in the Assembly.

Under SB916, the toll for a five-axle truck on state-owned bridges would increase from its present $8.25 per trip to $9.25 per trip after July 1, 2004. The bill would require all the cities and counties within that area, including the city and county of San Francisco, to hold elections on the $1 increase. In addition, the counties would have to list how the extra toll money would be used.

The measure passed the Senate 23-14 in June and passed the Assembly Transportation Committee 11-5 in early July. It is now before the Assembly Appropriations Committee, which must vote on the bill before it can move to the Assembly floor.