Latest attempt to find Jimmy Hoffa ends the same as the rest

| 7/18/2003

People expecting an end to the Jimmy Hoffa mystery Thursday were disappointed once again as the first police search related to the case in years came up empty.

According to media reports, an inmate who had led police to at least one other body tipped them that under an above-ground swimming pool in the Detroit area, they would find buried a briefcase containing clues to the final fate of the Teamsters Union leader, who disappeared in 1975.

According to The Associated Press, the case reportedly included evidence that Hoffa had been injected with drugs or poison.

Other press reports said police were told they would find Hoffa’s body under the pool.

However, after digging out the bottom of the pool in an effort filmed by virtually every major national news operation, the investigators found only dirt.

James Hoffa Jr. now holds his father’s old job at the Teamsters. Bret Caldwell, a spokesman for the union, told The AP he would have no statement on the search.