Hearings on truck-stopping devices delayed in California

| 7/18/2003

A Senate committee has twice delayed hearings on a bill would require California trucks to carry a device to enable police or carriers to stop the vehicles.

A hearing was scheduled for July 1 at the Senate Transportation Committee on AB575, but was delayed. The General Assembly’s Web site does not yet list a new hearing date.

The bill requires trucks carrying flammable materials, radiological isotopes and a list of other hazardous materials to have some kind of disconnect device – an external mechanism that would either activate the brakes or cut off the fuel to the engine. The device would have to be built in a way that would allow Highway Patrol officers to activate it from the outside of the truck.

AB575 is designed to keep hazardous materials out of the hands of terrorists. It also contains a requirement for GPS tracking devices that would allow carriers to find a truck’s location at any time.

The Assembly approved the bill June 3. If it passes the Senate panel, it will head to the floor for a final vote.