Bridge formula exemption is extended in Illinois

| 7/18/2003

A bill that would extend an exception to the federal bridge formula for certain dump trucks in Illinois is now law.

SB1453 involves an exemption that has been in place since 1983. According to Don Schaefer of the Midwest Truckers Association, dump trucks up to 42 feet in length, used frequently in the Chicago area because of tight streets and difficult-to-navigate corners, would be allowed to carry up to 72,000 pounds under the extension.

The current exemption ends in 2004; the new bill would extend it till 2014. The bill must be extended every 10 years.

Gov. Rod Blagojevich signed the bill into law July 11, making it Public Act 93-0186. It was approved by the Senate 53-0 on March 20 and passed the House May 21 by a vote of 114-0.