Services stretched too thin along LA-Sin City highway, report says

| 7/16/2003

Truckers must travel over plenty of highways in America that are dangerous because they are in areas that are too crowded.

But in California, between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, is a highway that’s dangerous because it runs through a virtual wasteland.

KLAS-TV reported recently that drivers involved in accidents along I-15 may have to wait hours for help to arrive. San Bernardino County, which contains a portion of the road, could afford only one fire station in Baker, CA, which is about two-thirds of the way from Los Angeles to the gambling mecca. And across the state line, the Nevada Highway Patrol told the station they were understaffed by nearly a third, increasing response times from the preferred five minutes to as much as 30.

But despite the danger, the highway is being expanded to accommodate more traffic.

The 4 1/2 –hour trip from LA to Las Vegas includes a 227-mile-long portion of I-15.