Truck restriction approved in Rhode Island

| Monday, July 07, 2003

Prompted by complaints from residents, the Rhode Island House and Senate have approved a measure that would prohibit heavy-truck traffic on a narrow and congested stretch of state Route 114 in downtown Bristol. It now heads to the governor for approval.

S961, introduced by Sen. Mary Parella, R-Bristol, would direct most big rigs more than 4 tons away from the stretch of Route 114 between Gooding Avenue and state Route 136.

Access to the banned area would be granted to certain vehicles that are exempted from the restriction such as commercial vehicles with a local delivery or pick up. Violators would be fined $50.

“We are certainly aware of the need for truck traffic to move through Bristol on the way to and from the Mount Hope Bridge,” the bill’s House sponsor, Rep. Fausto Anguilla, D-Bristol, said in a statement. “We are also aware of the potential and real dangers of truck traffic in this area, and aware of the continuing concerns of residents about these heavy trucks moving along this section of road. Route 114, in this area, is just not conducive to large, heavy trucks, and this bill addresses and rectifies that situation.”