Pennsylvania mulls drunken-driving rule

| 7/7/2003

With the threat of losing millions in federal transportation funds, Pennsylvania is among a handful of states seeking legislation to lower the state’s blood-alcohol concentration limit from 0.10 percent to 0.08.

Since 2000, Pennsylvania is one of only eight states yet to adopt legislation signed by then-President Clinton that requires each state to define legally drunk as 0.08 percent blood alcohol content or risk losing federal highway dollars.

HB4, sponsored by Rep. Rick Geist, R-Altoona, would adopt the 0.08 limit. It also increases the current penalties for all drunken-driving related offenses and requires identified addicts and repeat offenders to undergo treatment.

The bill has been sent to the House Rules Committee for consideration. The state has until July 15 to certify to the federal government that a law is in place.