Freightliner announces exclusive rights to Detroit Diesel

| 7/3/2003

Freightliner LLC announced July 2 that the recent restructuring of DaimlerChrysler’s Commercial Vehicles Division would result in Detroit Diesel LLC’s engines eventually becoming a Freightliner-exclusive product.

As part of the restructuring, Detroit Diesel will now fall under the leadership of Freightliner LLC President and CEO Rainer Schmueckle.

Schmueckle said in a statement that with very few exceptions, Freightliner parts would no longer be provided to outside companies, unless the company is currently under contract to receive parts from Freightliner or Detroit Diesel.

Detroit Diesel had fallen under DaimlerChrysler’s Powersystems unit, but will now become part of its NAFTA Truck Business, which Schmueckle now heads. However, he stressed that it would remain a separate company within the business and not a division of Freightliner.

Schmueckle said the announcement did not mean that Freightliner wouldn’t deploy third-party components for its own trucks in the United States.

The restructuring will take effect Jan. 1.