Ryan aide sentenced in Illinois for trucking scam, other offenses

| Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Scott Fawell, the longtime aide of former Illinois Gov. George Ryan, apologized for the political scandal that is sending him to federal prison and that doomed Ryan's chances for a second term, The Associated Press reported.

"I would like to express my regret for the actions I took that were the focus of this case," Fawell said, his voice breaking. He couldn't go on.

Fawell was sentenced to 6 ½ years in prison for racketeering, tax fraud, perjury and obstruction of justice. The investigation initially focused on bribes exchanged for licenses for unqualified truckdrivers. It expanded later into a full-blown inquiry into a wide range of bribery and other corruption in the Ryan era.

Ryan himself has not been accused of wrongdoing.