Missing trucker found

| 6/30/2003

A trucker reported missing earlier this week has been found alive and well.

Richard Stephen was last heard from when he called his brother Saturday evening from Wells, NV, and said he was not feeling well. He was not heard from again until Wednesday, June 25.

His daughter, OOIDA member Shari Cawrse, said “The Highway Patrol found him and informed him that we were looking for him.”

According to his daughter, Stephen had injured himself while working on his reefer. After seeing a doctor, he pulled over his rig, went on pain medication and became disoriented. His rig was parked in an area where he could neither make or receive calls on his cell phone, preventing his family from making contact. Cawrse said the patrol told her he was unaware of how long he had been parked.

Stephen, 61, was making a run back from Washington state to Flagstaff, AZ, over the weekend. The Phoenix-based trucker, who operates under his own authority, was due at the drop-off point Sunday night, but the receiver did not hear from him either Sunday or Monday.

He was found not far from Wells.

--by Mark H. Reddig, associate editor

Mark Reddig can be reached at mreddig@landlinemag.com.