NJ MVC employee arrested

| 6/24/2003

The FBI last week arrested a New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission employee from the Elizabeth, NJ, agency on charges of conspiracy to produce identification documents, state officials said in a statement.

Marcella Lewis, 35, of Plainfield, NJ, was taken into custody by FBI agents at the Elizabeth agency June 17. Lewis, an exam technician, had been employed by motor vehicles since October 1989. She administered driver tests.

Other arrests could be made in conjunction with this case as the investigation continues.

MVC Chief Administrator Diane Legreide said this latest arrest of an MVC employee reaffirms a McGreevey administration’s priority: To eradicate corruption from within the state’s 45 motor vehicle agencies.

"We will continue to cooperate with any law-enforcement agency in whatever way we can," Legreide said. "These ongoing efforts and investigations will help bring the reality of security and safety to our agencies that, frankly, in today’s world, is an absolute necessity. Employees and customers alike should know that if they engage in criminal activity in our agencies, they will be caught and arrested."

The MVC and the FBI had cooperated on the investigation for several months.

--by René Tankersley, feature editor

René Tankersley can be reached at renet@landlinemag.com.