Louisiana lawmakers pass bill to pull punished teens’ licenses

| 6/20/2003

A bill that cleared the Louisiana Legislature this week would punish teen drivers who get in trouble at school, The Times-Picayune reported.

The House gave final approval to the bill, HB1686, June 16. The measure mandates the loss of the licenses for up to a year for three major offenses: attacking teachers or school employees, sale or possession of drugs, alcohol and “other illegal substances,” and possession of a firearm. It now heads to the governor, who is expected to sign it.

The Senate amended HB1686, sponsored by House Speaker Charlie DeWitt, D-Lecompte, by limiting the situations in which a student can be expelled or suspended from school and lose the license. It was those changes that the House approved Monday.

Dewitt’s bill applies to public and private school students age 14 to 18.

Students can regain the license after six months by showing “exemplary … behavior” at school and avoiding other violations of school policies, the newspaper reported. The student would have to pay a $60 reinstatement fee.