New Volvo S60 TV spot leaves truckers aghast

| 6/19/2003

A new TV commercial created to illustrate the performance characteristics of the Volvo S60’s turbo engine has hit a nerve with truckers. During the third week of May, OOIDA reported a number of calls and e-mails reacting to the TV spot.

The commercial showcases the S60 sedan and its ability to do some serious highway zig-zagging. Professional truckers take issue with the commercial, calling it “reckless.”

“Just because a car might have enough power to merge with inches to spare doesn’t mean it’s a good idea,” says trucker-TV watcher Scott March, who is among those who criticized the spot.

March, a trucker from Indianapolis, contacted Volvo Cars of North America and received a reply from Chris Horgan of the customer service division. Horgan wrote back, saying the advertisement shows the car’s outstanding acceleration and braking ability, things that could used to assist the driver to “avoid potential situations.”

Horgan told March he would note the concerns and pass them on to the appropriate management.

March told OOIDA he was seriously alarmed over the spot and Horgan’s reply. March says Volvo missed the point and cutting in front of a truck “at the last moment” promotes a “general attitude against trucks and even further promotes an attitude of intolerance and impatience.”