NJ carrier: Send us 200 'Run Compliant' decals

| 6/13/2003

"Running compliant is good for the truckers, good for the company," says Elmer Clawges, safety director of BC Transportation, Newark, NJ. This week, Clawges, who is an OOIDA member, requested OOIDA "Run Compliant" decals for each of the company's 200 leased owner-operators.

"We are really supporting this effort," says Clawges. "We're having safety meetings all this month and next, and we're basically stressing at all our terminals to run compliant. We've got signs up all over the place."

Clawges says BC and its owner-operators are seeing positive results already.

"This month, we've seen a 50 percent reduction in citations over last year at this time. We think this is really important. We're anxious to see how these numbers look at the end of the month. This really benefits everybody."

Not having those ticket or out-of-service hang-ups, says Clawges, makes everything run more smoothly.

"We are a container operation, and most cargo comes from the port of Newark. So this is difficult but not impossible."

"We are all together in this," he says. "By running compliant and not getting tickets, not worrying about being out of hours, it gives the drivers a sense of well being. The company, too. It's about money saving in the long run and getting to where you should be without all the problems."

Clawges says BC Transportation will continue to support the strict compliance campaign.