Canadian carrier safety and enforcement director takes the helm at CVSA

| 6/11/2003

Peter Hurst, director of Carrier Safety and Enforcement for the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario, Canada, recently began his one-year term as president of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. 

Better known to truckers as CVSA, the allianceis an association of state, provincial and federal commercial vehicle safety enforcement agencies and industry representatives in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Hurst has at least 20 years of commercial vehicle enforcement experience. Despite a busy year ahead with CVSA's work, he will be keeping up with his regular position in Toronto.

Hurst sees commercial vehicle safety and enforcement as having come a long way, but facing change and new challenges.

“The volume of goods moved by commercial trucking grows almost daily, as trucking has become the economic lifeblood of our three great nations. And now there’s the unwieldy balance of maintaining security at our international borders while striving for the seamless movement of freight across the borders," he says. “As we face these and other challenges, our tradition will provide firm footing as we stretch, explore and probe to the edges of the envelope to find new ways to advance our cause – an environment free of commercial vehicle accidents and incidents.”