Speeding fine bill stalls in Texas House

| 6/10/2003

A proposal in the Texas Legislature to increase fines for drivers nabbed for cruising 25 mph or more above the speed limit has died.

The measure, which passed the Senate in March, was still in the House Transportation Committee when the Legislature adjourned earlier this month.

Under SB660, people going 25 mph over the limit could be hit with a fine ranging from $200 to $500. The fine for speeding by that much now is capped at $200.

Texas leads the nation in traffic fatalities, and 38 percent of those deaths are the result of excessive speeding, bill sponsor Sen. Steve Ogden, R-College Station, recently told KTRK television.

Ogden said statistics showed a greater chance of accident and injury in cases where people were going 25 mph more than the speed limit.

Under the proposal, a municipality or county would have been required to send $200 for every fine collected for speeding that much to the state for a Texas Department of Transportation safety program.