OOIDA's Todd Spencer to be on Sirius' Open Road Caf

| 6/4/2003

Todd Spencer, executive vice president of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, will discuss the organization’s June Safety Month initiative during an appearance on the Open Road Café, a trucking program on Sirius Radio.

Spencer will speak with Elizabeth Walsh, a producer for the show, at 9 a.m. CST Thursday, June 5. The interview will last about half an hour.

On Nov. 1, 2002, the OOIDA board of directors voted to promote and sponsor The OOIDA Truck Safety Month. The effort is scheduled to take place throughout the month of June and will coincide with the annual CVSA nationwide commercial vehicle inspection week.

During June, all drivers are encouraged to take a stand and operate in strict compliance with all laws and commercial vehicle safety regulations, including the current hours-of-service regulations, such as reporting all actual loading and unloading times, and traveling within the posted speed limit.

Open Road Café is a daily program on The Trucking Channel, Stream 131 on the Sirius dial. It is normally hosted by Mark Willis, who is out this week.

--by Mark H. Reddig, associate editor

Mark Reddig can be reached at mreddig@landlinemag.com.