Arizona may not go orange during next terror alert

| 6/3/2003

The next time the nation’s terrorism alert goes to level orange, don’t count on joining in if you’re in Arizona.

According to a report from The Arizona Republic, the state’s homeland security director, Frank Navarrete, has decided the state may not raise its alert status the next time the federal government does.

"It creates incredible problems: overtime, financial, functional," Navarrete told the newspaper. "It's not quite to the point where it creates havoc, but it's quite disruptive."

If a threat is directed toward specific facilities in the state, those facilities might go on heightened alert, he said, but not the entire state. Likewise, if a threat is directed at coastal areas of the United States, inland Arizona might stay at the lower yellow status, the most common alert level since the attacks of September 11, 2001.