Nebraska senator introduces resolution supporting June Safety Month

| 6/2/2003

Nebraska state Sen. Philip Erdman, R-Bayard, has introduced a resolution in the state’s Legislature in support of OOIDA’s June Safety Month.

The resolution, LR190, was introduced May 27 and is likely to be voted on May 30, officials at the Legislature said. It was suggested by OOIDA board member Gordon Betts, a resident of Ogallala, NE.

Jennifer Dicken, who works in Erdman’s office, said the resolution was likely to pass. That will probably happen this week, according to a spokeswoman at the Legislature, since the regular session will end soon.

The resolution, which was cosponsored by Sen. Tom Baker, R-Trenton, and Sen. Jim Jones, R-Eddyville, says:

“Whereas, Congress has established the need for a National Truck Safety Month; and

Whereas, truck drivers around the nation have committed themselves to make June a model month for compliance with the truck safety rules; and

Whereas, truck drivers experience more workplace fatalities than any other single occupation, are aware of their responsibility to contribute to highway safety; and

Whereas, truckers play a vital role in the nation's economy.

Now, therefore, be it resolved by the members of the Ninety-Eighth Legislature of Nebraska, First Session:

1. That the Legislature recognize the extra efforts of the truckers to comply with the truck safety guidelines to make the nation's highways a safer place to travel and to work.

2. That a copy of this resolution be sent to the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association Inc. in best wishes for continuing safety.”

Erdman, 24, who was elected to the Legislature in 2000, represents Nebraska's 47th legislative district, which includes the southern part of the state's Panhandle and Betts’ hometown of Ogallala. Erdman is the body’s youngest member, and serves on the Health and Human Services, General Affairs and Agriculture committees, and serves as vice-chair of the Retirement Committee.

--by Mark H. Reddig, associate editor

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