Study says Atlanta has the best roads; LA gets a rough review

| 5/29/2003

very trucker has his own opinion about where the best and worst roads are. But this week, The Road Information Program put some numbers behind the potholes.

The program released a study this week that rated roads in cities and states across the nation, listing what percentage of each area’s roads were in good condition or in need of repair. According to TRIP, Atlanta has the smoothest ride of all, with at least three-quarters of its roads in good condition.

Only three metropolitan areas reached that peak – Atlanta, Orlando, FL, and Phoenix, the study said.

Good roads are far more rare than bad, the study noted. Only 14 metropolitan areas have at least half their roads in good condition.

Cities and states with bad roads were much easier to find. TRIP reported that the 10 worst metropolitan regions for roads with poor ride quality are: Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco/Oakland, San Diego, Detroit, New Orleans, Baltimore, Sacramento, Boston and Oklahoma City. 

The “major arterial routes” covered in the study carry 78 percent of miles traveled by cars, buses and trucks, TRIP noted in a release. And more miles are being traveled every year. Large truck traffic increased by 46 percent over the past 10 years, the study reported, while overall traffic increased by 30 percent.

The study rated cities by the annual cost motorists pay for repairs caused by bad roads. Automobile users pay $706 more for repairs each year in Los Angeles because of the bad roads. The average was $396. Atlanta’s smooth surfaces cost motorists only $54 a year.