Callers who just wanted a license get a whole lot more …

| 5/23/2003

If you’ve tried to call the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles lately, you may have connected with someone who could really rev your engine up.

According to The Associated Press, instead of connecting you to Motor Vehicles, the number listed in the Monroe, LA, yellow pages gives you a phone line where, for the low, low fee of $1.99 a minute, you can “talk only to the girls who turn you on.”

The actual Motor Vehicles number is an 877 number; the line that is listed under Motor Vehicles in the 2004 BellSouth Yellow Pages is an 800 number. That small difference – plus pressing “1” when prompted – is enough to misdirect callers to a phone sex line.

A BellSouth spokesman told AP that only the northeastern Louisiana directory had the misprint. Other directories statewide, as well as last year’s directory in Monroe, had the correct number.