Louisiana House passes bill to pull punished teens’ licenses

| Friday, May 23, 2003

The Louisiana House of Representatives has passed a bill that punishes teen drivers who get in trouble at school, The Times-Picayune reported.

Under HB1686, sponsored by Speaker Charlie DeWitt, D-Lecompte, public and private school students who are expelled or suspended for 10 days or more would lose their driving privileges for a year.

In the bill, such offenses as carrying firearms; “sale or possession of drugs, alcohol or any other illegal substance”; and fighting could result in the loss of driving privileges.

Dewitt’s measure requires a school’s principal or headmaster to notify the state when a student is expelled or suspended for 10 days or more so the state can void the license.

The student can regain the license after six months by showing “exemplary … behavior” at school and avoiding other violations of school policies, the newspaper reported. The student would have to pay a $60 reinstatement fee.

The measure, which passed the House 84-13 on May 12, has been sent to the Senate for consideration.