North Dakota speed bill moves to governor

| 4/24/2003

Legislation to raise speed limits on North Dakota’s four-lane highways cruised through the Legislature last week and is headed to the governor for approval.

HB1047 won House and Senate approval April 21 in only a few hours. After House lawmakers endorsed the bill 57-34, it was taken to the Senate, where it was approved 32-14.

The speed-limit bill increases interstate speed limits from 70 mph to 75 mph, and bumps the limit to 70 mph on other four-lane roads.

Some speeding fines would be increased under the bill, which also restructures how the penalties are calculated.

The measure would impose a $2 fine for every mile per hour a driver is over the speed limit. Once a driver reaches 10 mph over the limit, the per-mile fine is bumped to $5.

Gov. John Hoeven vetoed a 75 mph speed limit in 2001, The Fargo Forum reported. He said the higher limit should have been accompanied by stronger penalties for violating it.