Ridge, Mexican officials to meet on border security

| 4/23/2003

Mexican President Vicente Fox pledged cooperation with the United States in the fight against terrorism and said April 22 that differences over the war with Iraq have not damaged the two countries' relationship, The Associated Press reports.

In a meeting with foreign correspondents, Fox said Interior Minister Santiago Creel would meet with U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge for two days this week in Tijuana and San Diego to review border security.

Fox said he instructed Creel to offer "full cooperation and to express Mexico's willingness to fight terrorism."

Meanwhile, Fox said the first 10 years of the North American Free Trade Agreement had produced considerable benefits for Mexico, the United States and Canada.

"But none of us is satisfied," he added. "We want more development and more trade."

He said Mexico had benefited from direct foreign investment, receiving more than 69 percent of the annual investment in Latin America.

The Mexican president has pushed the United States to allow more Mexicans to cross and work legally north of the border, but a proposed migration accord was stalled by the Sept. 11 attacks.