Men arrested after videotaping Ambassador Bridge

| 4/22/2003

Two Dearborn, MI, men were arrested late April 20 after police said they caught them videotaping the Ambassador Bridge. Two quarter-sticks of dynamite and several shotgun shells were found in their car, the Detroit Free Press reports.

Officers spotted the men during a routine patrol about 10 p.m., Officer Bernadette Najor, a police spokeswoman, said. The men, who weren't identified, were taken into custody and were being questioned by the FBI, Najor said.

The men were arrested on Vernor Street at 25th Street, but traffic on the bridge was not affected, according to reports on the bridge's official Web site.

Police were holding two Arab-American men, ages 26 and 30, on a charge of possessing a dangerous weapon, a felony, because officers found a collapsible baton inside the car, a 2001 Cadillac. The baton is similar to the type carried by police.

Police were still evaluating whether further charges should be brought against the men for carrying the dynamite. Najor said the dynamite found in their car was a very small amount, not enough to damage the bridge. The men had photographs of immigration papers, which were turned over to the FBI. Najor said they also had a hand-held audio tape recorder with the video camera.

The Ambassador Bridge is the nation's busiest international border crossing, with about 10 million vehicles crossing every year. The bridge handles about 25 percent of all trade traffic between the United States and Canada.