Amendment would force Alaska fuel tax to be used for roads

| 4/16/2003

A member of the House Transportation Committee has amended Alaska Gov. Frank Murkowski's proposed fuel tax increase.

HB156 would take the state's current 8-cent tax and raise it to 20 cents. However, an amendment to the bill would put the additional money into a special highway fund, rather than the state's general fund, which is where fuel tax funds went in the past.

However, The Juneau Empire reported April 15 that the state's voters would have to approve a constitutional amendment for the amendment, offered by Rep. Bev Masek, R-Willow, to take effect.

Masek isn't the only person in the state with an idea of how the funds should be spent. The Associated Press reported April 15 that the Alaska Municipal League would seek an amendment to transfer 31 percent of the tax to boroughs and cities to pay for local roads not covered under the state budget.