Kansas red light camera bill likely dead for this year

| 4/8/2003

A bill that would allow ticket-dispensing cameras at red lights is probably dead for this year in Kansas.

The Kansas City Star reported recently that legislators were likely to kill HB2144. Kansas state Rep. Gary Hayzlett, R-Lakin, chairman of the House Transportation Committee, said the bill, HB2144, had few backers in the state capitol, despite support from the cities of Overland Park and Olathe – both suburbs of Kansas City, MO, and two of Kansas' largest cities.

The Legislature's regular session for this year ended April 4; the bill was still listed as being in a House committee April 7. Under the bill, fines would not exceed $100 plus court costs, and violations would not count against the driver's license.

The bill could be revived during the Legislature's “veto session,” a wrap-up gathering that starts April 30. Although that session is intended for lawmakers to consider bills the governor has vetoed, Kansas legislators have frequently taken up bills at that time in the past.