Show-Me State eyes automatic red-light cameras

| 4/8/2003

Ten Missouri cities could use red-light cameras if state lawmakers approve a proposal to try the system for one year.

SB90, introduced Jan. 8, would allow the director of the Department of Public Safety to designate 10 cities to adopt ordinances authorizing the use of automatic traffic control enforcement systems to catch drivers who run red lights on highways or roads within their jurisdiction. If the road is a state highway, the city must enter into an agreement with the Transportation Commission regarding the installation of such a system.

Under the proposal, the vehicle owner would be considered the violator unless the owner makes an affidavit identifying the true operator of the vehicle. The penalty for each violation may not exceed $50 and no points will be counted against the vehicle owner's or designated driver's record.

If and when the system is used, signs must be posted in a location visible from all directions at any intersection equipped with the automated cameras.

One year after the city adopts its ordinance, the Department of Transportation would report on the effectiveness of the automated traffic-control signal enforcement systems. The report would be reviewed by the General Assembly to determine further use of the systems.