FMCSA boosts fines for non-compliance

| 4/4/2003

The U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has adjusted penalties for non-compliance with federal safety rules to keep up with inflation – FMCSA says the last inflation adjustments were done in 1998.

Effective now, a CDL holder who is convicted of violating an out-of-service order is subject to fines ranging from $2,100 to $3,750 per incident. The range was $1,100 to $2,750.

Moreover, an employer who knowingly allows, requires, permits or authorizes an employee to violate an out-of-service order faces a civil penalty of $3,750 to $16,000 – up from $2,750 to $11,000.

In addition, motor carriers failing to maintain required insurance are subject to a maximum penalty of $16,000 per day. Violations of other safety regulations carry penalties up to $11,000 for carriers and $2,750 for drivers.

Meanwhile, fines for record-keeping violations range from $550 to $5,500. Hazmat violations carry fines from $275 to $32,500 per incident.

A more complete list of the new fees, along with an explanation of the adjustments and calculations, was published in the March 31 Federal Register, which can be accessed at