Study aims to ease truck travel through Atlanta area

| 3/27/2003

A study by Georgia’s DOT may help the state improve the movement of trucks and their loads through the metropolitan area, according to a report from The Duluth Weekly.

The study, conducted by consultant firm Street Smarts, is part of a DOT effort to relieve traffic congestion in the area. The newspaper said its recommendations included adding truck information to the city’s Navigator system, creating alternate routes for trucks, adjusting lane restrictions and installing truck information signs. Those signs could let truckers know which exits are the best route to industrial areas and also provide information on lane and exit restrictions.

The proposal also included the addition of truck parking areas on the edge of the Atlanta area, which would provide a much-needed place for drivers to rest, as well as a place to wait for rush-hour traffic to subside.

The consultant also called for public education programs to help reduce auto-truck collisions.

In conducting the study, the newspaper reported, the consultants talked with truckers, dispatchers and others in the industry to see how truck traffic moved and so they understood the area’s traffic problems from the truckers’ point of view.