Dyno kings gather for second annual Alban Engines Power Day

| 3/27/2003

The Second Annual Alban Engines Power Day 2003 is on the calendar for May 18 at Elkridge, MD.

"Last year was a great success, and this year will be better," Bruce Mallinson says. Mallinson, owner of Diesel Injection of Pittsburgh and a regular columnist for Land Line Magazine, is the show's announcer. "We'll have lots of horsepower fun and great food to boot."

"There will be an outside display of the dyno monitor and plenty of seating on the bleachers," Mallinson says. "The spectators will know who owns the truck, the transmission, the rear gears, type of engine and what modifications were done to produce the horsepower."

Mallinson says he'll also offer a short story about each owner and where he/she lives.

Competitors must pre-register for this event.

"That's because we can only dyno 30 trucks in a day’s time," Mallinson says. "So far we have trucks registered from eight different states. Ted Streit, OOIDA member from Gillette, WI, is the truck coming from the greatest distance so far."

"Now what about you West Coast guys?" he says. "We always hear about your big trucks, so bring them to Maryland and show us what you've got. Rumor has it that the Texans are coming. And that would be OOIDA members Frank Hieden, Tomball, TX, and Butch Schuman, Tye, TX, with their twin-turbo K-Series Cummins powered A-Model Kenworths. Bruce Pope will be there with his Mike Robinson-built 3406-B Cat engine that last year put 902 horsepower to the ground. And I'm sure that last year's winner, Mutt Tayman, will be there to defend his title as king of the hill."

Mallinson says there will be six classes of engines so the smaller cubic inch engines won't have to compete against the K's. The mechanical engines and electronic engines will have their own class.

If you would like more information or need to know how to register to participate, please call Eric Payne at Alban Engines. The phone number is 1-800-443-9813, ext. 476. The fax number is (410) 796-8198.