TMC honors Trucker Buddy president

| 3/24/2003

The Technology & Maintenance Council awarded its first Gerri Murphy Award to OOIDA member Darrell Hicks, who serves as president of Trucker Buddy’s Board of Directors.

The TMC created the award to honor the late Gerri Murphy, a member of the staff who worked tirelessly to promote the organization almost four decades. As a tribute to her determination, the Gerri Murphy Award was established to honor a member of the organization who exemplified her efforts in furthering the development of TMC.

TMC Chairman Duke Drinkard announced the recipient of this year’s award, Darrell Hicks, as a “model citizen” who “has promoted the benefits of TMC membership wherever his travels take him.” Hicks has been a recognized associate of the organization for nearly 20 years and was awarded the TMC honor of “Silver Spark Plug” in 1992.

In addition to his duties for the Penray companies, a supplier of heavy-duty and automotive chemicals, Hicks serves as president of the Board of Directors for Trucker Buddy International. Trucker Buddy is a nonprofit organization that matches professional drivers with elementary students to correspond with each other to bring the transportation industry into the classroom.

In addition to his position on the board of directors, Hicks corresponds with classes in New Jersey and California and has been a Trucker Buddy since 1996. In recognition of Hicks’ passion for the program, a $2,500 donation to Trucker Buddy was made in his name.

“He's happiest when he's giving to someone else,” Janet Howells-Tierney, TMC’s director of council development, said. “He's truly a giver, not a taker.”

Trucker Buddy Executive Director Ellen Voie presented Hicks with an oversized check as a memento of the occasion.

“Anyone who has been around Darrell for any length of time will understand his passion for the Trucker Buddy program,” Voie said. “He’s truly dedicated to the transportation industry and his involvement in both Trucker Buddy and the TMC.”

--by Rene Tankersley, feature editor