OOIDA debuts 'Truckers Advantage' transaction card at MATS

| 3/20/2003

Fleet One and the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association announced the "Truckers Advantage" program March 20 at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY, to address the needs of small-business truckers and small-fleet owners.

Participants can access all the pricing, convenience advantages and volume purchasing capabilities that were previously unavailable to this group of professionals.

"Until now, small-business truckers and small-fleet owners did not have a cost-effective way of receiving and using a fuel card to meet their business needs. High transaction fees, monthly minimums and high invoicing costs just did not make financial sense," Andy Roberts, Fleet One president, said. "Our partnership with OOIDA removes all of these hurdles and now places a full-service product with cost-savings benefits into the hands of this very important group."

OOIDA partnered with Fleet One to offer the “Truckers Advantage” card to its 92,000 members. The benefits include fuel purchases, cash advances, PlusCheks, permitting, discount tire purchases and other services.

"OOIDA has always represented 'strength in numbers' for the small-business trucker," OOIDA President Jim Johnston said. "Our membership constitutes the largest trucking fleet in the country, and we are pleased that our partnership with Fleet One will enable them take advantage of their combined purchasing power and strength as a group."

Fleet One has built a network of almost 4,000 locations consisting of more than 600 sites that will provide special fuel pricing and discounts, all with no fueling transaction fees. Many payment options have also been incorporated into the program to provide as much flexibility as possible in these challenging economic times.

OOIDA members can contact Mike Schermoly at 1-800-444-5791 for additional information, or they can visit www.truckersadvantage.com on the Web.