Oklahoma Senate passes smoke-free bills

| 3/19/2003

Two Senate measures that would curb smoking in public have made their way to the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

SB566, written by Sen. Ben Robinson, D-Muskogee, won passage in the Senate March 10 by a 32 to 15 vote. Senators followed by passing Senate leader Cal Hobson’s anti-smoking bill by a 30 to 15 vote.

“These are the most restrictive bills ever to survive this long in the Legislature,” Robinson told The Oklahoman.

SB566 and SJR21 prohibit smoking in restaurants and most other public places. Exceptions include smoking in stand-alone bars and taverns.

Hobson’s bill initially called for the measure to go before the public in a general election, the newspaper reported. The bills are expected to end up in a joint House-Senate conference committee.