Truckers can drive their rigs home in Kentucky now

| 3/18/2003

A bill that would allow tractor-trailers to drive up to 15 miles off an interstate solely for the purpose of driving home has been signed into law by Kentucky’s governor.

Before HB124 was passed, truckdrivers who lived in the Bluegrass State were allowed to operate only on the state’s interstates and parkways.

The bill, which was introduced Jan. 7, passed the House 94-1 on Feb. 11, and passed the Senate 29-1 on Feb. 28. Earlier this month, the two chambers worked out their differences over several amendments – including one that allowed trucks that hold special overweight and oversized permits to weigh up to 160,000 pounds and another that removed restrictions on when the trucks could be on the road, although it did allow them to be kept off the roads during rush hour.  

The governor signed the bill into law March 10.