Do you need special shoes to do the 'perp walk'?

| 3/14/2003

Police have made their first arrest in the theft of a truckload of expensive shoes, but the person who took the truck is still walking the streets.

Mark Henderson, 42, of Kansas City, KS, has been charged in the theft of a truckload of Nike shoes, The Kansas City Star reported March 13. Local police officials told the newspaper Henderson allegedly purchased and was selling more than 30 pairs of the shoes even though he knew they were stolen. But police do not think he is the person who stole the trailer containing the shoes.

According to local media reports, police officers have been tracking down thousands of the shoes, which are worth $180 a pair. Police said they found many of the shoes on Kansas City, KS, streets, where dealers were selling them for $10 to $50 a pair. In the meantime, police were lead to a truck trailer parked in stockyards in neighboring Kansas City, MO. The tipster told police that inside the trailer, they’d find thousands of pairs of Nike Air Jordans 18s, shoes you can’t buy in stores.