These Jordans were made for walkin'

| 3/13/2003

After a tip, Kansas City, KS, police tracked down thousands of stolen shoes worth $180 a pair, either being sold on street corners or ditched in nearby stockyards, The Kansas City Star reported recently.

Police said they found many of the shoes on Kansas City, KS, streets, where dealers were selling them for $10 to $50 a pair.

In the meantime, police were lead to a truck trailer parked in the stockyards in neighboring Kansas City, MO. The tipster told police that inside the trailer, they'd find thousands of pairs of Nike Air Jordans 18s, shoes you can't buy in stores.

Inside the trailer, police found about a thousand pairs of new Nike shoes. That's about a quarter of the 5,500 pairs that were stolen. The shipment was in route to two chain athletic stores in the Kansas City area from Junction City, KS, but the shipment vanished somewhere in-between.

"These shoes weren't supposed to be released by Nike until March 29th, during the Final Four," Capt. Ron Kaminski of the Kansas City, KS, Police Department told a local television station.