Former INS inspector sentenced to 14 years

| 3/13/2003

A former Immigration and Naturalization Service inspector was sentenced March 11 to 14 years in federal prison for charging high fees to let marijuana- and cocaine-laden vehicles cross into Texas from Mexico, The Associated Press reported.

Eliu Olvera, 31, charged $2,000 per vehicle for more than a year before being arrested July 11 at the official border crossing in Eagle Pass, the U.S. Attorney's Office said in a statement.

Olvera's 24-year-old wife, Yvonne Rodriguez, and her mother, Maria Guadalupe Delgado, were also arrested that day. They were waiting to collect $30,000 in exchange for Olvera allowing a 20-kilogram load of cocaine to pass into the United States without inspection.

Olvera pleaded guilty in October to bribery and conspiracy to import cocaine and marijuana. He also pleaded guilty to unauthorized use of an INS computer for financial gain.

That charge came from Olvera filling out 20 to 30 immigration documents for several people, most of whom were relatives of his mother-in-law. She paid Olvera $100 for each arrival-departure record.

Rodriguez was sentenced to just over five years in federal prison for attempted importation of cocaine. Her mother was sentenced to two years for bribery and for willfully concealing a crime.