Relief for truckers in Kentucky moving forward

| 3/7/2003

Efforts are moving forward in Kentucky to aid truckers facing heavy usage taxes in that state.

The current tax can run up to $6,000 on a $110,000 truck.

Amendments exempting truckers from the tax were added to two bills, HB255 and HB293.

HB255 passed the Senate 30-1 March 5 and is on its way back to the House. If the House concurs with the amendment, it will go to the governor for his signature.

HB293 was given a stamp of approval by the Senate Appropriations and Revenue Committee, which passed it on to the Rules Committee. That panel must approve the measure before it can go to the full Senate.

Both bills would exempt trucks from the usage tax; HB293 would increase registration fees on trucks to make up for the lost revenue, while HB255 would not increase the fees.

For either bill to make it back to the House or become law, it must first pass the Senate by Thursday, March 6.