Show Me State bills would hike headlight use, lower county road speeds

| 3/6/2003

Missouri lawmakers are considering a bill that would lower maximum speed limits on roads in certain counties.

Proposed by state Sen. John Cauthorn, R-Mexico, MO, SB227 Senate Committee Substitute proposes that the maximum posted speed limit in any second, third of fourth classification county should not exceed 55 mph. If the county commission does not mark the roads with signs indicating the designated speed limit, the speed limit will be 45 mph by default.

Currently, the unposted speed limit on most county roads is 60 mph.

On Feb. 24, the Senate Transportation Committee approved SB227/SCS, which will now go to the Senate floor for a vote.

The committee also is considering a bill that would require motorists to use heir headlights during inclement weather.

Sponsored by Sen. Jon Dolan, R-St. Louis County, SB381 requires the use of headlights whenever rain, snow, fog or other atmospheric conditions require the use of windshield wipers. The bill was referred to the Transportation Committee Feb. 4.