Washington state seeks transportation audits

| 3/6/2003

A Washington state senator recently unveiled plans to require regular, thorough audits of transportation programs, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported.

Under SB5748, a 10-member board, to include lawmakers and lay members, would oversee performance audits.

The House already approved a similar proposal, HB1121, making it nearly certain that an auditing bill will make its way to the governor’s desk this session, according to the newspaper.

Proponents say rebuilding public trust is important if voters are ever to support more revenue for transportation.

“It is essential that the Legislature improve the accountability and efficiency of transportation-related agencies. Taxpayers must know that their tax dollars are being well spent to deliver critically needed transportation projects and services,” Sen. Bill Finkbeiner, R-King County, wrote. “To accomplish this, the transportation performance audit board is created and a system of transportation performance audits is established to provide oversight and accountability of transportation-related agencies.”